My Dream Was to Build Robots

How Martin Müller, CEO of M2-Automation, made his dream come true and continues to break technological frontiers

Most boys dream of being a fireman or football player, but my dream was to build robots.  I wanted to build things that no one had built before and to break technological frontiers.  As a youngster, I didn’t have many resources available to me but, over time, I found ways in which to do it, and I started M2-Automation when I realised that I wanted to help others to do the same.


Over ten years later, and with a team of equally passionate people working with me, M2-Automation is the leader in the field of micro-dispensing technology, recently achieving a 2% reproducibility for a nanolitre dispenser.  Our knowledge and technology pave the way for advanced applications and exciting discoveries, and we’ve even adapted our processes for the benefit of non-micro-dispensing fields, like when we successfully equipped an airport with high-speed document scanners.


Our mission is to create the best, most advanced, custom tailored liquid handling automation solutions. Correct assembly and error-free interaction between all hardware and software components are essential for any high-performance automation system, and we deliver that, without question.


Our product portfolio is a testament to our success. It encompasses non-contact liquid handling solutions based on solenoid valves, piezo-electric micro-dispensers (which utilise pin tools and our new Dual-Jet technology), as well as liquid handlers, e.g. filling stations.  Our team of engineers are specialists in mechanics, electronics, optics, solution and surface chemistry, molecular biology, real-time process control, instrument programming, user-interface development, data processing and data analysis.


We love what we do: making the impossible possible, building tailored solutions, focussing on exceptional usability and simplicity of process.  We are driven by perfection and we want to help our clients to progress in their chosen discipline, whether it’s CAD, electronics, software, chemistry, biology, automation or general science.


The accurate non-contact dispensing of picolitre, nanolitre and microlitre aliquots of chemical and biological solutions or suspensions has become essential for many miniaturised liquid handling applications, which is where we come in, because liquid handling solutions are our specialty.  Typical applications are the generation of biochips, cell arrays, lab-on-chip devices, non-contact HPLC fraction collection and MALDI-MS sample preparation.


Our iONE series provides the necessary flexibility without compromising dispensing accuracy or processing time.  It is the preferred choice for applications like the production of biochips, utilising a novel high-speed axes portal and providing high positioning accuracy, velocity and sample capacity.  Our iTWO series is the preferred choice for all applications that are less time critical, e.g. HPLC fraction collection and MALDI-MS sample preparation.


However, both the iONE and iTWO support industry standard substrate vials, plates and target structures, and can be equipped with optical components for real-time droplet detection, volume determination, target recognition and image acquisition for quality control and documentation.


Software is another area in which we excel. We specialise in intuitive, user-friendly software to simplify automation control for complex automation solutions, which fulfils the fundamental needs of any high-performance automation system.  Also, our hardware solutions are creative, cutting edge and efficient, and they typically include advanced liquid handling technology, dependable electronic circuits and interfaces, robust mechanical components and high-resolution optical process control (based on real-time image analysis).


Finally, there’s no need to worry about problems caused by common critical issues such as chemical or biological compatibility of materials, carry-over and cross-contamination or cell survival rates.  Our experts in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology can provide you with the solutions you need. This is our purpose and our reason.  That is what we do.


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