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Future Service Sells is written by Hans-Jürgen Hartauer: an expert in all things service and sales. I worked closely with Hans-Jürgen as I translated and edited his book, and it was my pleasure to learn about all he has to offer to the world. 


In this fantastic guide to becoming more successful, he shares his deep, unique, contemporary, empathetic and intelligent perspective of what service means in our modern age.  He provides explanations and advice on how it should be managed, what service should provide for consumers, and how to use service to increase sales. His methods guarantee success. What more could a business ask for?!


Any service-based business can benefit from Hans-Jürgen's knowledge, wisdom and invaluable advice.  His passion for what he does brings the whole theme of service and sales to life in glorious technicolour, and his humour and upbeat energy throughout makes the experience of learning from him enjoyable.


The original version of this book is in German, so if German is your preferred language, there's no need for you to miss out on the pearls of wisdom Hans-Jürgen shares with his readers.  For more information about other books by Hans-Jürgen (German only) and about the fantastic seminars and courses he travels the world to give, visit his website:


Please note: The website is currently in German, but an English version will be online soon.  In the meantime, if you would like some information in English, simply fill out the Kontact form, which is accessible via the About tab on the homepage.  Hans-Jürgen can speak English, so writing to him in English is fine.


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Published books

Join Fabrizio Ardito on his journey of discovery in the Maltese archipelago, which is well known for its friendly people, gorgeous sea, delicious cuisine, plentiful sunshine and its 7,000-year history, all of which give it a charm, character and uniqueness of its very own.


This island nation offers a variety of experiences, even for the most intrepid of explorers.  Visit its picturesque villages and cool cities, buy local fish and produce at its charming ports, enjoy its lovely beaches, explore ancient sites and marvel at the stunning architecture.  There really is something for everyone.


I edited this book for Emons Verlag, its publisher, and together with Fabrizio Ardito, the author and photographer, I believe we created something that everyone can enjoy. It can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the publisher at

Marzipan World is the latest book from Franz Ziegler.  He is a magician when it comes to all things sweet and I had the honour of translating his stunning new book from German into English.  It's fantastic, it's bilingual and it presents marzipan and its myriad applications in the most beautiful way.


You'll find more information (in German) about the book and about Frank on the website of Matthaes Verlag, who are the brilliant publishers of this fantastic book. 


I would recommend that anyone who has a love of sweet treats and artistry buy Marzipan World; it will thoroughly inspire you. Enjoy!


Book available from and Amazon. 

Samples of some other published works

How to Master the Basics of Stews, Braises, and Casseroles


To read the article, click on this link.


Article for AJNS Media for publication on

Every Which Way to Cook Eggs


To read the article, click on this link.


Article for AJNS Media for publication on www.kitchenstories .com



BMW Case Study for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 


This was published in VDI-Z Integrierte Produktion magazine in German, but you can read the original version in English here.



Company Profile for M2-Automation 


This was published in the 18th Guide to German Biotech Companies.  Click here to discover the story of a technological dream come true.

"Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination."

- William F. Longgood

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